Welcome to SmartRisks

The SmartRisks philosophy, above all else, is to use risk management to drive better business decisions and consequently improve financial results. This includes:

When risk management is done well it is not seen as a burden on the business; our experience is quite the opposite.

To help our clients manage risk effectively we have developed a unique web-based risk model – the SmartRisks Filter. It provides our clients with a framework to aid Board reporting and to enable proper dialogue on the changing nature of risks across an organisation.

For organisations where there is a need to capture information on a real time basis from across the workforce we have a proprietary tool InstantInsight. This enables our clients to harness the collective insight of their customer facing teams and to engage at all levels, something that is particularly important in financial services businesses.

We will bring risk management to life for your Board and senior management through workshops, based around examples relevant to your business, to facilitate risk awareness and appropriate ways to discuss risk. The SmartRisks team is able to help identify where contingency planning and crisis management may be required to deal with so called black swan items on the risk register.

To ensure we add maximum value we typically work with internal audit teams to identify how to fit the enhanced risk framework into your current processes. Our aim is to work with you and your team only for as long as necessary to embed an enhanced risk culture into your organisation.